50th Reunion Feedback

The Reunion Committee wishes to thank everyone who attended our 50th Reunion Grand Celebration! We're delighted you came to the 3 day event. We realize some of our classmates were not able to attend. We'd like to hear from you and get your feedback to help us plan our next event. This brief survey will take no more than 3 minutes of your time to complete. We're hope you'll find the time to read and complete this one. Pleae complete the survey by October 9th.  Celebrating Our 50th Reunion In 2019!!!

Thank you!

The Lucy Addison High School Class of 1969  Reunion Committee

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1)   * If you attended the 50th Reunion, were you satisfied with the celebration?

Yes No
2)   * If you attended the 50th Reunion, what could we do better the next time we have an event for the class?

3)   * If did not attend the 50th Reunion, what kept you from attending?

4)   * If you attended the 50th Reunion, what did you enjoy the most? What didnt work out so well?